Behaviour Consultations

Fear and anxiety are at an all time high in our pet population resulting in an increased number of pet owners experiencing difficulties with their pets behaviour. Behavioural concerns are one of the primary reasons pets are surrendered to a shelter and are a common cause for euthanasia. 
Having just completed her membership exams in veterinary behaviour, Dr Claire is here to help you with all of your behavioural concerns. Common behaviour problems that pet owners report include: 
⁃Separation distress 
⁃Fear reactivity to other dogs or humans 
⁃Noise phobias 
⁃Compulsive disorders such as tail chasing, shadow chasing or excessive grooming 
⁃Urine marking or toileting outside of the litter tray in our feline friends
Following a behaviour consult, you will receive a comprehensive management plan as well as resources to help improve your pets quality of life. We know how difficult managing behavioural problems can be and are here to support you and your pet through these challenges. 
If you think your dog or cat could benefit from a behaviour consult please contact the clinic on (03) 5484 2255.