At our main clinic in Rochester we offer a range of small animal surgical procedures, both soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.

The most common soft tissue procedures that are carried out include:

  • Routine desexing surgical procedures (spey and castration)
  • Caesarean sections
  • Lump removals
  • Stitch ups after cuts/lacerations
  • Removal of a foreign body
  • Abdominal surgeries
  • Eye enucleations

The most common orthopaedic procedures that are carried out include:

  • Fracture repair of the limbs (internal fixation- plates, screws and pins)
  • Limb amputation
  • Cranial cruciate repair (the Tightrope technique and the DeAngelis technique)
  • Hip surgeries
  • Patella surgeries

When a pet is booked in to the practice for a surgical procedure, you will receive a phone call the day before reminding you of the upcoming procedure.

Pets should be fasted from 8pm the evening prior to the surgery.

At admission, a nurse or veterinarian will discuss with you the procedure the pet will be having. We will discuss the recommendations of preanesthetic blood work and intravenous fluids in relation to the pet.

Prior to the every anaesthetic the veterinarian will perform a physical examination on the pet.

The pet will receive their premedication (sedative and pain-relief) before receiving a general anaesthetic and having the procedure carried out.

Once your pet has recovered from the procedure, a nurse will contact you to organise a discharge appointment.

Please note, that with all general anaesthetics and procedures, there may be some risks and complications. At our practice we take all necessary precautions to reduce the risks associated with having a general anaesthetic so that the pet will have a safe anaesthetic and recovery.