Cattle – Dairy and Beef

Rochester Veterinary Practice offers 24 hour dairy and beef cattle veterinary services. 


General (ambulatory) services include: 

– Examination of the sick or injured animal

– Lameness problems

– Medical problems

– Surgical procedures

– Disbudding

– Assisting cows with calving difficulties

– Assisting cows with calving related issues (such as milk fever, uterine prolapse etc). 


Reproductive services including:

-Reproductive health investigations

– Pregnancy testing/diagnosis (Manual and Ultrasound)

– Synchronization Programs for Cows and Heifers

– Bull Breeding Fertility examinations (VBBSE)

– Provided reproductive advice.


Herd health services including:

– Calf rearing problems

– Reproductive problems

– Disease outbreak problems

– Mastitis investigations

– Farm specific management plans

– Lameness investigations

– Herd biosecurity plans

– Calf and heifer weight programs