Consultancy – Herd and Flock


Our practice offers herd consultancy services both dairy and beef producers. Our consultancy services include (not limited to):

– Reproduction planning, reproduction and fertility analysis and genomics

– Herd milk quality, management and mastitis

– Transition cow management

– Calf rearing and disease investigations

– Heifer management programs

– Herd lameness

– Weighing programs

– Mortality and morbidity investigations

– Herd biosecurity plans


Our practice offers flock consultancy services for both meat and wool producers. Our consultancy services include (not limited to):

– Ewe  health and reproductive planning

– Ram health and reproductive planning

– Lamb morbidity and mortality investigations

– Nutritional investigations

– Disease outbreak investigations

– Lameness investigations

– Farm specific management plans

– Herd biosecurity plans

– Management plans for the orphan lamb

– Parasite control programs (include performing faecal egg counts)