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April 2024 – In this edition – VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CHANGING OF RAM SEDATIVE STRENGTH, Diggora/Lockington discussion group, Picking up pregnancy toxaemia/sick ewes quickly!, Lamb marking time – think tail length!, Home made beauties!, Towards 90 or T90 Program and Lambing first aid kit  click here

November 2023 – In this edition – All you need to know about sheep scanning, Flexolt and managing your joining plan for this season – Click here

September 2023 – In this edition – Dog parasites that can affect the quality of your sheep carcasses, Take control of your worms now, New product for lice – Flexolt by Coopers, Plan ahead and T90 – Click here

June 2023 – In this edition – Worm control and management: We commonly get asked what is a good drench to use?, Do you need help organising a farm worm plan? Are there some above concepts your would like more information on?, Information Session for Sheep Farmers – Reproduction and Vaccinations, Reminder: Teaser Rams – Click here

April 2023 – In this edition – Lambing paddock preparation, Orphan lambs, Pain relief at marking time, Teaser rams, Equipment options, Upcoming information on Sheep reproduction Click here

January 2023 – In this edition – Seasonal concerns, Equipment options, Have you booked in your sheep scanning?, Towards 90  Click here

September 2022 – In this edition- It is all about creating a check list to get you ready for the upcoming joining season – ram and ewe checks, sheep scanning and teaser rams) – Click here

July 2022 – In this edition- Pulpy Kidney, Red Gut, Foot Abscess, Foot Rot and Seasonal Reminders Click here

April 2022 – In this edition-Planning Your Husbandry Calendar – Orphan Lambs and Lamb Marking Click here

February 2022 – In this edition- Planning Your Husbandry Calendar – Click here

November 2021 – In this edition- Fly Management, Feet . . . Footrot . . . are your Sheep Lame?, Johne’s and Reduce Stress on New Arrivals-  Click here

September 2021 – In this edition- Worms, Worms, Worms, Teaser Rams and Getting Ready for the Upcoming Joining Season – Click here