Euthanasia and Cremation

Making the decision to have your pet put to sleep (euthanised) can be a very hard decision to make but it is one of the kindest things that an owner can do for a pet that is suffering. This process will enable your pet to die in peace, with dignity and without further suffering.

What happens when a pet is euthanised?

The vet, with the assistance of a veterinary nurse, gives the pet an intravenous injection of a lethal dose of barbiturates (a strong anaesthetic). The pet loses consciousness within a few seconds after the injection. This is a very controlled and painless method of euthanasia. For very nervous pets a sedative is often administered to make the process as calm as possible.

The decision to stay with the pet for the euthanasia process is a very personal decision. It is best to make this decision prior to your appointment to avoid further distress. Most vets accept that owners wish to remain with their pet. Sometimes owners get very distressed with the idea of having to see their pet euthanised and decide to leave their pet with vet and their nurse. If the owners wish, they can see their pet after the euthanasia process.

Sometimes the decision to euthanase a pet must be made after the pet has been anaesthetised for a diagnostic procedure, for example, an exploratory operation. Under these circumstances it is most humane to euthanise the pet while it is still under the anaesthetic, rather than subjecting the pet to the discomfort of recovering from surgery prior to euthanasia.

It is very natural to feel upset and emotional when your pet dies. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings in front of the vet. We understand what you are experiencing. It will take time to process your loss. Treasure your memories of your pet and remember the good times and what you loved most about your pet. If you feel you have no-one to talk to about your loss you can contact a grief counselling service

When having a pet euthanised, you will decide what you would like to do with your pets remains. There are three possible choices:

• Home burial

• Group cremation

• Individual cremation with return of the pet’s ashes

Pet cremation

Our practice uses the pet cremation services provided by Edenhills Pet Cremations.  When using the individual cremation service, your pet’s ashes will be returned in your choice of vessel (urn). A variety of vessels and memorabilia are also available for an additional cost, allowing you to honour your pet’s memory in a truly meaningful way. 

The process on individual pet cremation is as follows:

You contact Edenhills to discuss the details of your pet and the choices you have made in regard to the vessel and memorabilia you wish to have.

Payment is then made with Edenhills.

Your pet will be placed in a private cremation chamber to be cremated.

Once your pet has been cremated, the pet’s ashes are placed into your chosen vessel.

Your pets’ ashes are then returned to our practice and one of out staff members will contact you to organise collection of your pet’s ashes.

Edenhills Pet Cremations contact details

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