Sheep and Goats

Rochester Veterinary Practice offers 24 hour sheep and goat veterinary services. 

General (ambulatory) services include: 

– Examination of the sick or injured animal

– Lameness problems

– Medical problems

– Surgical procedures 

– Disbudding of goat kids

– Assisting with birthing difficulties

– Assisting with lambing/kidding issues (such as pregnancy toxaemia, uterine prolapse etc). 

Reproductive services including:

– Ewe/ flock pregnancy scanning (Book with Dr. Frankie)

– Reproductive health investigations

– Pre-breeding ewe and ram examinations

– Ram vasectomies

Flock/herd health services including:

– Lamb mortality investigations

– Nutritional investigations

– Disease outbreak problems

– Farm specific management plans

– Lameness investigations

– Herd biosecurity plans

– Management plans for the orphan lamb

– Parasite control programs (include performing faecal egg counts)