Vaccination Protocols for Dogs
The C3 vaccination protects dogs against canine parvovirus, distemper virus and hepatitis.
The BBPi and KC vaccinations protect dogs against canine” kennel” cough, which is a requirement for dogs going into kennels. Using these vaccinations in combination with
the C3 vaccine is termed a C5 vaccination schedule.
Puppies: 1st vaccination with Duramune C4 at 6-8 weeks a the 2nd vaccination with Duramune C4 at 10-12 weeks +/- Bronchishield Oral
For pups that are 10 weeks or more that require kennel cough vaccination have have only had a C3 with the breeder:
2nd Vaccination with Durramune C4  +  Bronchishield Oral
3rd Vaccination with  Protech Pi2 4 wks later
At 6 months they will receive a Duramune C4 with or without 1st Proheart inj. These can be 
Adults: Annual vaccination with single Protech Pi2 + Bronchishield Oral vaccination
Tri-annual booster of Durammune C4 (1st booster due at 3 ½ years) with or without Canine cough booster

Vaccination Protocols for Cats
The F4 vaccination protects cats against feline calici virus, feline rhinotracheitis (feline herpes virus), panleucopenia and feline chlamydia psittaci.
Kittens: 1st vaccination at 8 weeks or older with Fel-o-vax 4 and the 2nd vaccination 4 weeks later with Fel-o-vax 4
Adults: Annual vaccination with Fel-o-vax 4
All previously unvaccinated cats require 2 doses of Fel-o-vax 4 given 4 weeks apart for full protection against cat flu. Fel-o-vax 4 is safe to use in pregnant cats.

FIV vaccination Protocol

Cats under 6 months of age do not require FIV antibody testing. Any cats older than 6 months of age will require in-house FIV antibody testing before vaccination.
FIV vaccination course is typically 3 vaccines 2 weeks apart. 


Vaccination Protocols for Rabbits
Cylap vaccine against haemorrhagic viral disease (calicivirus)
First vaccination at 10-12 weeks, then 6 monthly vaccination
If first vaccination is given prior to 10 weeks of age then give 2nd injection
4 weeks later and repeat every 6 months
Cylap can be given to pregnant rabbits
*** Please note that there is no vaccine available to protect rabbits against Myxomatosis
(MYXO) which is a kind of pox virus that affects rabbits. This virus is spread by mosquitos