Cattle Handouts


Antibiotic Residues in Milk Download

Mastitis Culturing at Rochester Vet Practice Download

Mastitis- Basic Treatment Recommendations  Download

Mastitis and Failure to cure Download

E.coli mastitis fact sheet Download

Streptococcus uberis mastitis fact sheet Download

Staphylococcus aureus mastitis fact sheet Download

Streptococcus agalactiae mastitis fact sheet Download

Klebsiella spp mastitis fact sheet Download

Mycoplasma bovis mastitis fact sheet Download

Udder oedema (Flag) in Heifers Download

Drying off
Dry Cow Therapy  Download

Drying-off Recommendations Download 

Internal Teat Sealant Download



Assisting a Cow or Heifer to Calve… When to Help? Download

Pregnancy Diagnosis/Testing in Cattle Download

Repro: Prostaglandin (PG) Programs  Download

Repro: Ovsynch Program Download

Repro: CIDR-Synch (Progesterone based) Programs Download

Repro: Ovsynch + Pregnecol Program 2022 Download

Retained Foetal Membranes (Placenta) Download

Using Metricures Download



Management of Lame Cows Download

Cracks in Hooves Download

Digital Dermatitis Download


Managing Calves After Difficult Calvings Download

Caring for the New Born Calf   Download

Rearing the Orphan/ Bottle/ Teat Fed Calf  Download

Importance of Colostrum  Download 
Calf Electrolyte Fluid Therapy Download 
How to Stomach Tube a Calf   Download 
Disbudding Calves  Download 

Calf Diphtheria Download

Castrating bull calves (Elastrator rings) Download

Freemartinism in Calves Download

Lungworm in Calves Download

Pneumonia in Calve Download

UAUS in Calves Download

Calf Scours

How is the cause of calf scours diagnosed? Download

E.coli in Calves  Download

Cryptosporidium in Calves   Download 
Rotavirus in Calves  Download 
Giardia in Calves Download 

Coronavirus in Calves  Download

Salmonellosis in Calves Download

Coccidiosis in Calves Download

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (Pestivirus)

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Disease Overview Download

BVDV and PI Calves Download

BVDV Ear Notch Collection Protocol Download


Bull Management and Reproduction

Overview of Bull management and Reproduction Download

Common Reproductive Issues in Bulls Download

Common Diseases of Cattle

Abomasal Ulceration in Cattle Download

Abortions in Cattle Download

Acetonaemia/ Ketosis in Cattle Download

Acidosis (Ruminal) and SARA in Cattle Download

Bloat (Ruminal) in Cattle (Overview) Download 

Botulism and Mixer Wagons Download

Bovine Ulcerative Mammillitis Download

Caecal Dilation and Torsion Download

Caesarean Section (C-Section) Download

Displaced Abomasum (LDA/RDA) Download

Down Cow Management Download

Eye and Third Eyelid Cancers Download

Footrot in Cattle Download

Hardware Disease (Wire) Download

Heat Stress in Cattle Download

Listeriosis in Cattle Download

Lead Toxicity in Cattle Download

Lumpy Jaw Download

Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia) in Cattle Download

Photosensitisation in Cattle Download

Pinkeye in Cattle  Download

Ringworm in Cattle Download

Salmonellosis in Cattle Download

Schistosomus Reflexes “Inside-out calf” Download

Theileriosis in Cattle Download

Transition Cow Management Overview Download

Uterine Prolapse Download

Vaginal Prolapse Download

Warts in Cattle Download

Water Intoxication in Cattle Download

Wooden/Woody Tongue Download


Pain Relief in Cattle Download

Vaccinations in Cattle Download