Dr Merryn Lourensz Murray

By cjhent
Dr Merryn Lourensz Murray



Associate Veterinarian

Dr Merryn graduated in 2005 from Melbourne Uni. Dr Merryn has been at RVP since 2006 and has a special interest in bull testing and small animal surgery. Dr Merryn currently works Wednesdays. Continued Professional Development: APAV accreditation, Animal Disease Investigation Course, Count Down Down Under Advisory Course, Australian Veterinary Association Conference 2012 (Uluru), Australian Cattle Veterinarians BullCheck Accreditation, Australian Veterinary Association Conference- Behaviour (Swan Hill), Continued Veterinary Education Course – Bone Plating, Continued Veterinary Education Course – Clinical Pathology, Continued Veterinary Education Course – Dermatology – Ears, VetPrac Wound Management Workshop,