Dr Evelien Van Der Geest

By cjhent
Dr Evelien Van Der Geest



Associate Veterinarian

Dr Evelien (Eve) is from a dairy farm near Foster, Victoria. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2011 and has been working in northern Victoria in mixed practice. She has also spent 12 months locuming in the UK. Dr Eve has an interest in cattle practice. Outside of practice Dr Evelien enjoys playing squash and baking. Continued Professional Development: Animal Disease Investigation Course 2013, Veterinary Official Controls Qualifications- Essential Skills 2015 (England), Veterinary Official Controls Qualifications- Tuberculin Testing 2015 (England), Australian Veterinary Association Conference 2018 (Hobart), Count Down Down Under Mastitis Advisor 2017-2018, Bayer Advanced Bovine Reproduction 2018 (Argentina and Chile) Dairy Australia Repro Right Advisor Course 2018-2019, Foot and Mouth Disease Training Course 2019 (Nepal)